Hello there stranger!

So you are looking for someone that can help you forfill your musical endevavours. Look no further, you found the guy for the job.

Granraude Studio

The studio is based at Ørland in Norway and is operated and runned by Pål Vegar Leth-Olsen.
With years of experience both as a musician and technician I am certain we will find the best solution for your recording or live show.


The studio can provide a wide array of services. Mixing, mastering, live sound, musicianship, reamping. The list goes on and on

Are you ready to...

Record you music

Granraude Studio offers several different recording solutions. From full live band recording at concerts to spoken word and everything in between can be provided.

Have professional musicians play on your music

Through several acquaintances Granraude Studio can get you on contact with many professional musicians. Being drummers, guitarist, bassists or choirs

Get the best live sound at concerts

Need a sound technichan on your next concert or maybe on tour? Get in touch. Granraude Studio is proficiant on Midas, Soundcraft, Yamaha, Mackie and Behringer mixers.

Have your music mixed and mastered

You can safely send your recordings to Granraude Studio. Through dialouge and revisions your music will sound better than ever.